19 February 2010

Since the confirmation of a new Tomb Raider Movie, there has been little information released about it. We do know that it's an origin story and will not feature Angelina Jolie. At the moment it hasn't been released if the movie will be a CGI movie or not, with that in mind I have constructed my wish list for the upcoming movie:

If Eidos decides to do a CGI movie the person I want to be Lara Croft is Keeley Hawes, she has been with the series since 2006 with the release of Tomb Raider Legend and stayed, voicing Lara for Tomb Raider Anniversary (2007) and Tomb Raider Underworld (2008). She also narrated Gametap’s Tomb Raider Retrospective Documentary which was released on the Special Edition box set version of Tomb Raider Anniversary.
She has the perfect voice for the video game heroine, since she was taught elocution lessons for 10 years when she was younger. She has also stated that she would be more then happy to return to the role if Eidos asks her.

Recently she has been working on filming the final scenes of Ashes to Ashes series 3 (BBC1) and Identity (ITV). She is probably best known for her role in the BBC drama, Spooks where she played Zoe Reynolds. Over the past few years Keeley has starred in numerous films e.g. Tipping the Velvet, A Cock and Bull Story, Othello etc, so she is probably Eidos’ best woman for the role.


Daniel Boys is one of those people who would be perfect if he had a role in the movie or if he voice one of the characters. It would be really great to see him in a role in such as Tomb Raider. I’m just saying, that in the next game Lara might find a guy on that mysterious island (that appeared in the concept art) and the character doesn’t end up dying by the end...I can be persuaded to allow the character to turn evil.

I just found an interview where he says; “Yes, I’d love to work in both TV and film. It’s difficult to be seen for these having just musical theatre on my CV. It’s frustrating.” It would be really interesting to find out if he was might like to do voices for games.

Daniel recently starred in London West End’s Avenue Q as Princeton and Rod, as well as releasing his debut album “So Close” in June 2009. He has also appeared in BBC1’s Any Dream Will Do.

I admit I haven’t been following her Michelle’s career like I have done with Keeley Hawes and Daniel Boys, but I must say that the shows I have seen her in, her performance has been awesome. I was first introduced to the actress when she worked on BBC1’s Merlin as the evil sorceress Nimeuh, she can act!

Michelle is probably most famous for her role as Zoe Slater on Eastenders and her role on Doctor Who: The Planet of Dead as Lady Christina Da Souza. Lady Christina Da Souza, and is definitely not inspired by Lady Lara Croft at all. It’s just a woman who has the title of lady, performing swan dives to steal treasures and relics...but she did do that role really well, and she defiantly looks right for Lara.

John is probably most famous for his role of Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood and Doctor Who. He has also hosted numerous shows such as Tonight’s the Night and The Kids are All Right, as well as Judging on How Do You Solve a Problem like Maria, Any Dream Will Do and I Do Anything, all while releasing three albums.

He is the one person I thought that might not want to do a role in CGI movie, however I attended a convention he was at a few months back and he said that he was interested in doing a CGI film of some type. He has also been another movie...Shark Attack 3....Yes that Shark Attack 3...He doesn’t talk about it much anymore.

Post your Dream cast list for the upcoming Tomb Raider Movie underneath the article in the comments section.


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