Guns and Grapple was formed in October 2008, just before the release of Tomb Raider Underworld. The original goal for the website was have an in-depth coverage of the series, similar to what Planet Lara and Tomb Raider Chronicles had created over the years. At that point, G&G was with, and began building various sections, hitting the inevitable storage limitations. Later the site moved, to the admin's initial reluctance to Blogspot, where coding was more of a focus and the admin (again, reluctantly) had to learn basic HTML. At that point the focus changed to news. There wasn't an Official Tomb Raider Blog at the time and so finding news was somewhat more of a challenge. With the launch of the official blog, as of mid 2012, Guns and Grapple changed its focus to articles and interviews. And here we are!

The site was originally created and maintain by Jaden between 2008-2016. In February 2016, it became co-owned with the lovely Kate Sykes, who later went on to work at official Tomb Raider fansite, The Digger's Daughter, while Guns and Grapple entered a hiatus.