To celebrate Tomb Raider's 20th Anniversary, Kate Sykes will be joining Guns and Grapple on its final year.

About Kate

Hello everyone! I’m Kate. I’m from The Lake District (in the UK) and I now live in Sedbergh in The Yorkshire Dales. I was 8 years old when I first discovered Tomb Raider and I was captivated by the character Lara Croft. In 2007, I decided to to my first cosplay and I’ve never looked back.

I love writing - it’s my greatest passion! I’m a budding filmmaker and I’ve written quite a few scripts (including the Tomb Raider 2013 fan film Hunted).

I’m thrilled to co-own Guns and Grapple with Jaden Morretti for it’s final year. It will be a whole new adventure.

About Jaden

My name is Jaden and I live in London. I've been a fan of the Tomb Raider series since I was a child. Tomb Raider 3 was one of the first games that I played both together with my sister and then independently. What attracted me to the series was the range of puzzles, the vast locations, and the sense of exploration. I've always been fascinated by myths and so I love how the plot and myths are intertwined. My favourite games have always been that in which the storyline was prominent but also has interest gameplay.

When I'm not writing about Lara's adventures, I own another gaming website called The Sudden Stop. The site focuses on the franchises created by Remedy Entertainment such as Alan Wake and Quantum Break.

About Guns and Grapple

Guns and Grapple was formed in October 2008, just before the release of Tomb Raider Underworld. Its origins were focused more on overall coverage, similar to what Planet Lara and Tomb Raider Chronicles had created over the years. At that point, G&G was with, and later moved to due to storage limits. In mid 2009, with G&G hosted at Blogspot, the site became focused on news. There wasn't an Official Tomb Raider Blog and so finding news was somewhat more of a challenge. As of mid 2012, Guns and Grapple changed its focus to articles and interviews. The site was originally created and maintain by Jaden between 2008-2016. In February 2016, it became co-owned with the lovely Kate Sykes.

[Jaden] 2016 marks Guns and Grapple's final year. It's been an amazing journey and we've met some incredible people and friends and created memories that we'll treasure. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years, your continued kindness made this project an absolute pleasure. I'm really looking forward to celebrating this final year, and Tomb Raider 20th anniversary, with Kate. She's a wonderful person, dedicated and talented and genuinely so lovely.

Looking to the future, I'm looking forward to the new job and exciting opportunities that have appeared over this past month, something which I couldn't really do without a few extra hours in the day. Lara's journeys have always focused on going further and stepping into the unknown that closing the site to pave the way for future adventures feels appropriate. It was a huge decision, but one that I think will be worthwhile. I'll still be around in the community though and still interacting within the community as well as doing stuff with video games. A huge thank you to everyone who has supported the site and a shoutout to Keir, Meagan and Robin, three incredible Community Managers who have gone beyond their jobs on numerous occasions.

Thank you, Lara for the past sixteen years.