25 February 2010

 25 February 2010

Over the years the Tomb Raider Series has picked up a series of funny and interesting stories in it’s duration, and now with a gap between the release of the third Tomb Raider movie and Tomb Raider Origins, it’s the perfect time to look back at those news stories that made our day. From identification mistakes to innocent high way pursuits, we go back to the very start of Tomb Raider in the mid 1990s.

Perhaps the most remembered story is the one from 2007 when someone decided to sell a life size classic Lara Croft model on eBay. Computer shop owner David Williams, had placed it near the window in his living room. Later that evening he received several nuisance phone calls and decided to call the police. The police turned up near midnight and saw a gun wielding silhouette of a person at the window. The police decided to corner off the street (it would have been great if that road was called Lara Croft Way instead) and burst through the front door holding guns. The police announced later that they did try to knock on the door first but there was no reply. The best part of the story has got to be what the police did next. The officers walked inside and found the life sized model near the window, the man who was selling model had to speak to his lawyers about claiming wrongful arrest and Lara was then impounded to be used as evidence...like there isn’t a limited amount of merchandise already! I bet they just wanted to have the model in the office and have their picture taken with it

The second story takes place in 2003 in Sussex when police (again) received a telephone call explaining that a woman was wielding two silver revolvers in a Tesco car park. The statement forced the police to use a helicopter after shoppers saw a tomb raider cosplayer dressed as Lara Croft (from the film) at the supermarket in Portslade, but none of them saw the games or movies before. The police feared that a robbery might occur and not that she was posing with toy guns for photos. The next bit is awesome and is defiantly in Lara Croft style. The police reported to the scene to hear that the woman had left with a male accomplice in a black Jeep. Witnesses told the officers that she wearing a black PVC catsuit. The officers released patrol cars across the Brighton area after getting the registration number, the police managed to trace the car to her house in Hove where it was parked in the driveway. Approaching with full body armour they discovered that the woman and her husband had been taking publicity photos for a Lara Croft event.

The third story isn’t really like the others it’s more ironic, also it doesn’t involve the police. Recently Angelina Jolie with her husband and children moved to Venice only a few months after being told that she would not be playing the video game heroine because Paramount decided to do an origin story and she was too old for the role. Venice is one of the most popular Tomb Raider levels; the location appeared in Tomb Raider 2 when Lara is forced to use a motor boat to travel around the streets. Every time I see that story or photos of her there I always get a short movie in my head with Angelina saying “Seriously I AM Lara Croft”. I’m just waiting for her to get dual pistols...Funnily enough I found an article a few hours ago where she stated that she bought the same type of guns that she had used on the Tomb Raider set to protect her family.

I’ll finish this article with one final video

I can sympathise with Alison because some of the questions I did have to find the answers on google, but the persistence of the interviewer which finally ended up losing the interview for him always makes me laugh. It was basically “No you can’t do that” and the interviewer carries on, “seriously you can’t do that” and he carries on, I was betting on Alison to shoot him, she’s Lara Croft, she can get away with it. It’s an interview that makes me cringe every time I see it. I think there was a comment about the video at YouTube that I agree with, the interviewer wouldn’t expect Harrison Ford to know everything about archaeology either, so why Alison?

If you discover any other Tomb Raider funny/ironic stories you like please contact me. I can promise a part two of this article.


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