29 May 2012

The upcoming E3 event held in Los Angeles, provides Tomb Raider fans with the opportunity to have their questions answered by the games' developers. There are two interviews taking place on Wednesday 6th June.

The first interview is an hour long which will be recorded and transcribed. Crystal has requested that only a transcript of the interview can be made publicly online.  The second interview is more personal with a one-on-one recorded video interview. The recorded interview will contain questions that are frequently asked or eye catching ones.

To ask your question, you can either post in the comments below or send me an email at jadenmorretti(at)yahoo.com

There's no limit to the number of questions you can put forward, but due to time not all questions may be answered; I'm sure Karen will do her best though to attempt this. We'll be handing Crystal caffeinated energy drinks before the interviews and everything to make sure they speak fast! :P

Those who put forward a question which is answered will receive an email from me as soon as the transcript or video goes live.

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