29 May 2012


As some of you may have seen on the official Tomb Raider blog, there's a group of 17 ambassadors who have been selected by Crystal Dynamics to attend the upcoming E3 event in Los Angeles. Some of you may also have recognised that I would be attending as the Guns and Grapple ambassador. This however is sadly not the case anymore.

In the UK, a new law was created which forces people applying for first time passports to obtain one only after having an interview. You first have to acquire all the correct documentation and forms, send them off via post, wait for a letter informing you of your interview reference number, make an appointment, wait for the interview letter, complete the interview, and wait for your passport to arrive through the post. This ridiculously complex and time consuming venture means that any mess up along the way would affect any chances of going to E3.

Going in my place will be my sister (Karen) who will be sending me any media assets, interviews, videos, and preview accounts as well as posting her own pieces. I will also be working with Harry from The Music of Tomb Raider and Tiernan (aka Chip) from Lara Society. Despite not being able to go in person, operating everything from here and having have a HQ of sorts will allow news to be posted on the three sites quicker. So make sure you visit all the sites often, there's going to be awesome material!

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