29 September 2015

To celebrate the release of Tomb Raider Divinations, I spoke to Anna Tyrie, the fan film's leading lady about her experiences on set. Sections of the interview were used in our main article about about the project, which focused on events taking place behind the camera. You can read the full report, here. Naturally I couldn't resist posting the full interview in its own separate post.

Anna Tyrie is a familiar name to Tomb Raider fans; she's no stranger to fan films with experience portraying Lara in Tomb Raider Ascension and Tomb Raider The Lost Valley. As an actor with a passion for the series, she is the perfect in the role. Read our full interview below and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, or her official site for more adventures.

Throughout filming for Tomb Raider Divinations, she also recorded her own video diaries on her YouTube channel, check it out!

Production Photo from Tomb Raider Divinations' Facebook Page.


 From following your social media pages, it's very clear that you have a genuine passion for your work, especially for your upcoming project, Tomb Raider Divinations. What drives your passion for acting?

My passion for acting - I have a great appetite for variety, so I act as a way to indulge that appetite. It is so much fun becoming many different characters and inhabiting different worlds.

What is it about Tomb Raider or Lara Croft that attracts you to the role?

Lara is very simply strong and stunning. I love strong women. And Lara does it with such style.

You’ve done several Tomb Raider productions over the years, do you approach Lara’s character differently now, compared to your first fan film?

I have approached all three films the same I think. I try as much as possible to bring a slightly vulnerable human side to Lara.

How do you get into character?

Costume plays a huge part in finding that character. Once you put on the boots and the holster you really start to feel kick ass. I will spend quite a lot of time in training in the run up to filming, focusing on fitness and technique. Then on the day it's simply a case of focusing.

Promotional Photo from Tomb Raider Divinations' Facebook Page.


In one of your behind the scenes diaries, you mentioned that you have some new TR gear for this film. How do you prepare your Lara look and what things do you keep in mind when choosing new items?

To be honest the costume selection has always be led by my directors. They have the creative vision and they guide me to select the costume. Most important things I bare in mind though is 'Can I move in it?'. The last thing you need during a film shoot is a wardrobe malfunction. lol.

With the project drawing to a close, how have you found the experience?

Shooting Tomb Raider Divinations was as thrilling as all of my Tomb Raider shoots. I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to portray my heroine. There is nothing more fun than throwing yourself around in a forest or on a beach.

What challenges have you faced during filming and were they things that you were prepared for at the start?

Cold. I am always shooting in the cold weather, it seems to be my curse. I was aware that it may be a little chilly and so I packed thermal underwear and try to make sure i was well rested and that I ate well in order to stay healthy.

Promotional Photo from Tomb Raider Divinations' Facebook Page.


What has been your favourite or most memorable moment of the project so far?

I think my favourite day was when I got to play with a sword, it was rather heavy but so much fun.

What can we look forward to seeing you in next?

Well I am working with Secret Cinema at the moment in a live event in London (Star Wars but shhhh it's a secret) that runs until September 27th. Then I will be working with the Tomb Raider Divinations crew to create something original but equally ass kickin'.

Thank you for doing the interview with us, Anna! 



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