8 June 2015

Today, after a month and a half, I can finally reveal a secret I've been keeping.

Back in April, I received an email from Meagan about an exciting adventure. In just under a week, I will be travelling to Los Angeles to attend E3 2015 as a Tomb Raider Community Ambassador. The show will provide an opportunity to ask questions to the developers, see newly released material, attend media briefings and collaborate with a group of awesome webmasters.

I know that this is a privileged position, so I'll also be working my hardest to earn it.

While I'm attending as "Guns and Grapple", one of my main priorities is maintaining a constant line of communication with the members of the Official Tomb Raider Program. I'll be collecting questions from the group and providing feedback of new announcements and events from the show. So make sure you stay active in the community as there will be lots of awesome material coming from other sites too!

Another main priority is making sure that your questions are answered, so if you have any, please send them to me on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or post in the comments below. It's important to me that you feel part of the event and I'll do my best to find out any questions or queries you may have.

Official Announcement on Tomb Raider's Tumblr Page:
Did you know that we’ve got a vibrant community of official Tomb Raider fansites from around the globe that collaborate closely with the studio? The work our fansites do is invaluable – whether it’s localizing news, hosting contests, or organizing local events for their fans.

In 2012 we debuted our E3 Ambassador Program, providing international fans the opportunity to attend E3 and represent the Tomb Raider community at the show. The program returns this year, with 11 individuals preparing for an adventure in Los Angeles. They will be given press-like status at the show - having access to demos, interviews, and more in order to report back gameplay details and impressions to you.
Our global ambassadors include:
Streamer Melonie Mac and cosplayer Jenn Croft will also be in attendance, posting show-floor photos and impressions on the go.

Be sure to give these representatives a follow to keep up with their thoughts from E3. Also, ensure you sign up for the official forums in order to start weighing in with the questions you’d most like forum representative Patrick to pass along to our devs.
Here’s to a great show!


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