2 March 2015

Relive is a new feature on the site which revisits specific moments in the Tomb Raider series. Today I wanted to travel back to 2003, to an opening which changed how we viewed the Tomb Raider series, Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness.

While it wasn't a reboot, Angel of Darkness was the first game in the series which explored alternative directions for Lara's character and storyline possibilities. Up until the sixth game, Lara's adventures focused more on puzzles, exploration and travel, however with this title the storyline focused on a darker tone and a darker protagonist.

Meet Lara Croft. Your not-so-average fugitive. Currently being haunted by the police for the murder of her former mentor, Werner Von Croy

We're introduced to our character's predicament through a tour around the Von Croy's darkened apartment, the camera focusing on the chaos of the room; of fallen statues and broken glass. A police report is heard in the background, slow and serious. A storm is rolling outside and the scene gets blindingly bright with each lightning flash. Then we move. We move through the door and into the corridor. We move closer to a door; yellow light streaming in from the edges, the rays suddenly broken by the presence of someone outside. A glimpse outside shows a woman tearing away the police tape covering the door, and stepping inside.

She walks deeper into the apartment and into the heart of the crime scene, the living room. Here the player sees another perspective of the crime scene, hidden from previous shots. Furniture is sprawled across the floor, surrounding pools of blood, and on the wall are ancient markings. The woman walks inside gingerly,  accidentally stepping on a glass photo frame, and hearing the glass crunch below her boot, she picks it up: a picture of Lara Croft and Von Croy.

She walks over the mirror, places down the frame and looks up. Lightning strikes and illuminates Lara's face.

The screen goes black and in the emptiness there's a string of familiar notes, as the main menu emerge.



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