24 January 2015

Today marks the end of our week long preview of the upcoming Tomb Raider fan film, Hunted. I hope you enjoyed reading the extended interviews with the cast and crew members. It's an incredible project, so if you want to follow their progress, make sure to check out their Facebook page and YouTube channel for updates. Anne, Sara, Carla and Kate are not only very talented but their kindness and passion for the series clearly shines through. They are joined by the dedicated Joshua Pate, whose jobs as Mathias, the film's director AND photographer, means that his role is one of the most challenging.

You may have noticed that the same set of five interview questions were sent out to all of the cast and crew members; this was representational of the article structure originally in mind, but then something rather cool happened. Despite having the adventure together, each member had different experienes; what they enjoyed the most and what they found challenging as well as their motivations. It was something pretty awesome that I didn't expect in such variety.

In addition to her answers, Sara sent over some exclusive behind the scenes photographs, which you can check out below!

Thank you to the entire team behind the Hunted fan film!

Anne getting the final touches added for her Lara Croft outfit, by Joshua as he prepares for his role as Mathias.

Sara preparing for her shoot as Sam.

Carla adding the final touches to the skull props.

Joshua and Anne walking to the set, through freezing conditions.

Sara and Anne recreating the university photograph as seen in Lara's locker.


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