21 January 2015

Hunted is an upcoming fan film, a collaboration between a group of friends and cosplayers. It's an exciting venture and one I very much recommend following through their Facebook page. Last year I wrote an article with the help of interviews from the cast and crew, as well as photographs from the filming.  Extracts of the interviews were used in the piece, and throughout this week, I'll be posting up their full answers. Today's interview is with Carla Lemley, the actor portraying Himiko in the fan film. 

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As you're in the middle of production, what are your views on the project? Is it exciting or daunting?

This project is very exciting! We have a great crew with lots of ideas and ways of crafting that will make this film certainly memorable! 

What challenges have you faced so far? And were they something you prepared for at the start?

Personally, I faced the challenge of flying north side of the States, transferred flights and so on. As a collective, we faced car problems and bad weather. All in all, we pulled through nicely and in turn grew closer!

What is it about the latest incarnation of Lara and Tomb Raider which has inspired you to create this movie?

The latest incarnation of Lara has inspired me to do a multitude of cosplays and photoshoots! In time, my crafting skills and cosplay skills have increased a great number as far as the game, the creative design and music have reawakened my love of Tomb Raider! Inspiration for both came from a character that is centered around the story in the latest Tomb Raider; I took into account the traits, mythology and aspect and transferred that into my part in the film 

What has been your favourite or most memorable moment of the project so far?

My most memorable and favorite moment of the project has been the behind the scenes crafting with Sara and Anne. We sat down for the evening and just painted and detailed some amazing props Sara made and we all put our personal touch to them 

Why did you want to create a fanfilm?

I'd like to say that I am collaborating in the film Kate has written the script, and Joshua Pate is directing it while there is a combination of efforts on editing, sound quality and artistic design between all of us.

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