14 December 2014

A few months ago I heard about a fan who wanted to do something ambitious. I had been meaning to write about his work since but life got more than a little insane and was pretty packed with events both devastating and incredible. This meant was a huge shift in what I could focus on and unfortunately this meant that some hobbies had to be put on hold. One of those hobbies was Guns and Grapple, and writing this community spotlight. This fan project stayed in my mind though, and I made sure that once I could get back to writing, that I would dedicate a post to it.
Meet Kejero, a Tomb Raider fan with a passion for creating powerful music. A few months ago he released two pieces which blends soundtracks taken from the games and movies. The target was to design tracks which encapsulated the spirit and atmosphere of Lara's adventures, and he's done an absolutely, incredible job. There are moments in both tracks which hits a specific song and you're immediately transported to a specific scene in the game or the movies. A perfect tribute to the franchise and an amazing listening experience for long-time fans.

One of the challenges of creating a brand new piece from existing soundtracks is blending two iconic pieces together without a heavy transition, and while Kejero does use memorable tracks in his work, each section fits together so perfectly that it feels very natural.

Both tracks pays homage to the entire history of Tomb Raider, from the original 1996 classic to Crystal's recent reboot, and when the Core Design tracks starts playing, it hits you hard. It genuinely made me stop writing just to focus on it.

For more game inspired music make sure to check out Kejero's site at: http://www.kejero.com/ or his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Kejero, which gives an indepth look at how he created the pieces. Additionally his music can also be found on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kejero


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