21 November 2014

Question Friday is a new feature on the site which focuses solely on you, the Tomb Raider fans. The community is a passionate and vocal group who are not only intelligent but also interesting. Each person has their own opinions on the franchise and their own experiences. Hopefully with this feature we'll unearth some information about each other and strike up some new conversations.
It's an exciting time to be a Tomb Raider fan, especially with Temple of Osiris just days away. The title will be released on 9th December on PC, PS4 and XBOX One. The game allows for up to four player co-op, but also a single player mode if you share Lara's hatred of moving things. The game is promising to be bigger and more explosive than it's predecessor, Guardian of Light, which has already set the bar pretty high.

Official Synopsis:

Lara Croft arrives at the temple, hoping to be the first inside, but rival treasure hunter Carter Bell has beaten her to the entrance. They each seek the Staff of Osiris, but they discover more than they bargained for.

Upon entering the tomb, Carter removes the mythical Staff from its resting place and inadvertently triggers a trap cursing them both and unleashing the evil god Set. But the staff also awakens the gods Horus and Isis, the son and wife of Osiris.

Now free from their ancient prison, they join forces with Lara and Carter in order to resurrect Osiris, the only god capable of removing the curse.As Lara and her companions fight their way across the sands and through ancient tombs, they will face gods and monsters of myth and legend. With the fate of the world at stake, Lara must uncover the fragments of Osiris to stop Set from enslaving all mankind

A special Gold Edition of the game will be released for collectors. And for completionists, there will be new trophies and achievements as well as competitive scoreboards. 

So, what are you most looking forward to in Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris?

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  1. For me, I am really looking forward to trying out the co-op feature. From watching some of the gameplay, it looks like it could get pretty intense and just insane. Guardian of Light was a really solid game understood really well what players wanted in a co-op title, so I'm really looking forward to the cooperative and competiveness in Temple of Osiris.

  2. Truly I'm looking forward to everything about it but like you, I'm probably most excited about the co-op game. I loved Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light and have just been replaying it with a friend. If our two-player shenanigans are any indication, the four-player game is going to be INSANE! Can't wait! :D