9 October 2013

If we look through the blood, combat scenes and napalm arrows, Tomb Raider (2013) is a visually stunning game. That moment when you reach the radio tower, and you're alone, surrounded by the beauty of Yamati is personally one of my favourite moments in the title. You're able to temporarily forget the challenges that have happened and what awaits the protagonist, in favour of a few seconds of serenity.

Been There, Drawn That is a website which recaptures that beauty through watercolour drawings retelling the story in the form of a journel. Christina does a fantastic job at drawing the numerous characters and recreating important scenes from the game while at the same time reflecting the same emotion experienced while playing through the section.

There are two previews below, but make sure visit the website at:
to see the entire project!

[The previews contain spoilers for Tomb Raider 2013]

Preview #1

Preview #2


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