28 January 2013

The fourth Monday of January is Community Manager Appreciation Day in which we recognise those acting as a means of communication between the company and fans.

As a community, we are undoubtedly very demanding, it's such a big franchise and fanbase, with numerous forums and fansites. It's also a franchise which people feel passionate about, which is both wonderful but can sometimes be quite intimidating; the most recent example is Crystal announcing multiplayer, especially as many fans are from way back in Lara's life...

...And we are so fortunate to have a wonderful Community Manager like Meagan Marie.

To someone who aspires to be a Community Manager in the gaming industry in the future, she is the perfect role model! She not only facilitates the community as a whole through her updates on the TR blog, her presence on the forums, and being reachable through email, but she also majorly supports individuals and fansites. She helps so many individuals and projects; some of those projects we hear about through forums or blogs, but many are personal projects that aren't mentioned publicly...She's like Batman!

And she goes above and beyond her job! One small example of this was when she emailed the fansite owners a special community exclusive piece of concept artwork on Christmas day as a gift!

Because of Meagan, I have done things that I didn't think would be possible. Really exiting things like having a chance to play through sections of the upcoming Tomb Raider game, get invited to events, and made new friends through community days. That's insane! I'm just one individual with one fansite and there are thousands of fans who have sites and who post on the forums. And I really do appreciate everything she's done for me!

As a community, we have so much to thank her for; the Crystal Habit Podcasts, the TR Blog, newsletters, the world wide community events, frequent spotlights on the site for cosplayers and artists, interviews she's done, previews she's shown, travelling across the globe while sleep deprived...

Thank you for being so awesome Meagan!

Meagan in her Lara Croft Steampunk outfi. A photoshoot with several Laras at a cosplay meetup at SDCC on her "day off"


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