24 October 2011

At the end of October, this website will be celebrating two events. Not only is it the 15th anniversary of Tomb Raider but on the 30th is Guns and Grapple's 3rd anniversary. To celebrate the awesome guys at Insert Coin have generously donated two t-shirts with their newly released TR design to be given away to two lucky fans.

The Prize
  • 1 Scion T-shirt (Men)
  • 1 Scion T-shirt (Women)

A couple of months ago, Insert Coin released a set of four brand new designs, included in the set was the design for the original Scion from the first Tomb Raider on a chocolate coloured t-shirt. I attended Eurogamer at the end of last month and bought one of these, and trust me, they're awesome! They've given us two t-shirts (each worth £20), one men size and one women size.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the shirts at IC's website.

24th October (18:00 GMT) - 4th November (23:59 GMT)

To Enter:
If you want to be in with a chance of winning a shirt, then answer one (or both if you wish) of the following questions in the comment box below on this post.

  1. When were you first introduced to the series and how?
  2. What is your favourite moment from any game in the series?
Also mention in your comment what t-shirt size you want, men or women?

The winners will be picked at random and emails informing them that they've won will be posted on 5th November. The decision is final, but if there's no reply after two weeks, then another fan will be chosen. 

Please send me an email at jadenmorretti(at)yahoo.com or a message at twitter to @Gunsandgrapple with the name that you used to enter the comp. Just to make sure I can get in contact with you if you won.

Thanks again to the lovely people at Insert Coin. I really appreciate it! :)


  1. I was first introduced to Tomb raider when I was a little girl and my dad had a PS1. I used to run around the mansion, doing all the assault courses, wishing I was Lara myself!
    Would like a womans tee please :)

  2. I remember playing it on the pc and getting lost in a certain cave that felt like hours.

    Male medium please!

  3. Well my first time with Tomb Raider was, when Tomb Raider The Last Revelation came out, I can still remember trying to finish that level with Werner, I was only 7 back then and that game was so hard to me. My favorite moment was when Lara finally finds her mother Amelia in Underworld, I know its sad, but it was my favorite moment. I would like men T-shirt. :D

  4. My first experience of tomb raider was when I was a kid, watching my dad play the original on pc. My favorite moment from any game is walking into the Dragon's Lair from tomb raider 2 and watching Marco Bartoli turn into a dragon :D
    Men's T-shirt please

  5. When were you first introduced to the series and how?
    Long long ago. My dad played TR2 on the computer and the rest of us were around him, watching and helping. Like this, day by day, Lara become a member of our family! :)

  6. I was introduced to the series when I was pretty young, I just remember seeing my neighbours mum playing Tomb Raider 1, I then pretended to be Lara for many years, I now am her... I wish! :D

    Favourite moment is hard, there's so many! I love in TR1 when Natla jumps at Lara after she shoots the Scion "NOOOOOOOO.... AHHHHHHH" hahaha goodbye Natla! (for now) Wasn't as funny in Anniversary, didn't happen as quickly.

    I also absolutely LOVE in Legend the cutscene with Amanda. "WHERE... IS... MY... MOTHER?!" I want to reenact that but no one will let me pistol whip them :( can't imagine why?

    If I were to win, I would go for the women's t-shirt in size "M" please. Enjoy reading my comment!

  7. Well my first time i played tomb raider was when tomb raider chronicles was released and after i went back to play the earlier versions... was really fun.My favorite moment was in tomb raider underworld where i used motor bike to beat time and make it into a sinking city. my email;rynkobe@gmail.com
    want a t-shirt size of medium. male

  8. My first Tomb Raider game was Tomb Raider 1. I had finally caved in and got one of these IBM style PCs in the mid to late 90's (I stuck with Amiga for far too long and have never had a console!). So of course I went looking for some cheapy games to try out on my new Pentium 120 box (I completely skipped the XT, AT, ... 486). There on the 'bargain PC games' rack of whatever shops we bought games in back then was the Sold out software version of Tomb Raider 1 (I think I bought the original Command and Conquer at the same time).

    I played it and loved it, was hooked. The sound didn't work in the cutscenes (that was a 'feature' of the sold out version!) but I loved the combination action/platformer and puzzle solving elements. I have had a soft spot for the Tomb Raider games ever since. I have the first five games in their original boxes sitting on a shelf that I can see from here (I bought a proper boxed original of the first one to replace that Sold Out version). I am probably going to get round to getting them installed and working on my Windows 7 box sometime (if I can), and just play through them all again.

    Not sure I have any one favourite moment but I remember in my first play through of that very Tomb Raider 1 being genuinely very nervous (scared?) when I first met those pods that the Atlantean monsters would pop out of. The pods would pulse and move just before the monster came out and it was very creepy!

  9. The first time ever that I had crossed paths with Tomb Raider was when my lucky friend got PS1 as a present. My mother and I had presented her TR:LR, Silent Hill 2 and Dino Crisis. We've tried TR but could not get past the training level. Von Croy was getting more and more annoying by the minute, so we switched off the game never to return to it again.

    Many years later I've dropped by a local media store to exchange something I've bought They could not refund me my money but I was allowed to pick up a replacement within the same price range. It so happened that I had to choose between Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness and an Indiana Jones game. AoD had caught my attention with a dark design and a complex griping story, the likes of which I had not seen before(I hardly ever gamed, since my computer time was limited). I've chosen for it and since that moment had sealed my geek fate. This game will always hold special place in my heart because it helped me to find many awesome people who shared my passion.

    The favorite moment... Every TR game has one. But since I really have to pick: 1)the 'Lara being pursued by dogs' sequence in AoD. It was very dynamic and gritty, not the kind of action scene you've expected from TR game but it felt really right and suitable. This had suggested there's another side of Lara we did not see before. 2) When Lara connects two pieces of Scion and sees the visions of the past. It is just... epic.

  10. Sorry for the double posting but I screwed up the link to my twitter account.

    Nice idea for the competition ^^
    T-shirt is female, size M

    Good luck to all :)

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  12. (If you've entered or about to enter, please make sure that you include a way so I can get in contact with you if you win.

    - You can do this by posting your comment, then send me an email at jadenmorretti(at)yahoo.com.

    - You can post and mention your own website.

    - Finally you can send me a message via twitter after commenting. My twitter page is @GunsandGrapple

    Good luck to everyone who is entering!)

  13. I honestly do not remember clearly how/when I was first introduced to tombraider. I think I was probably 7ish. My older sister played it but she didn't care to much for it and never picked it up again. Then one day, I picked it up and started to play. TombRaider 1 = always be my favorite.

  14. I was first introduced to the series some months ago by a friend who was playing Tomb Raider Legend...Since then Im addicted to this series and I have completed most of the games
    Hmmm there are so many good moments in the game that I cant pick up one...But I think the best for me is fighting Sophia Leigh in Tomb Raider 3 and The Lost Artifact!
    I'd like a medium T-Shirt for men ;)

  15. I don't remember exactly the date. I was introduced to the Tomb Raider sometimes in year 2000 when I was just nine years old. My father invited to our home one of his friends who knows a much about computers and he brought us some PC games, Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation included. I played it with my sister and we were absolutely fascinated by Lara. Since this time I played all games of the series and I can't say which one I love more...

    ...what brings me to the second question. My favourite moment? That's pretty hard because TRs have so many great moments... Maybe the cutscene from the beginning of the Home Sweet home level (and this level and the ending cutscene as well). That's brilliant!

    I'm a woman and my T-Shirt size is usualy "M".

    Thank you for this chance, Jaden! And good luck to everybody:)

  16. Happy 3rd Anniversary!

    I had to add these extra words befire the post system worked.

  17. I was first introduced to the Tomb Raider series with Tomb Raider Last Revelation. My pop used to play it a lot, and I decided to give it a go. Soon I picked up the tactic to playing (this was at the age of 7) and I was always afraid of dying.

    My favourite moment in series was the jump over the waterfall in TR1's Lost Valley. It always feels like a little achievment for me. :)

  18. just adding, I would like a small-medium mens shirt :)
    forgot to add this in on the last one

  19. J'ai commencer par le 1er sur la PSONE je cherchais un jeu je suis tombée sur Tomb Raider une fois rentrée ;j'ai mis le jeu et là Wahou!
    mon moment préféré est dans la vallée perdu la rencontre avec le T-Rex je mis attendait vraiment pas ;j'ai sursauter sur ma chaise.
    je voudrais un T-Shirt femme (small)

  20. i was first introduced many years back when i was very young and this is when really started to become a big fan , back in 2006 a seen a copy of TR:Legend and i thought oh i might try this Tomb Raider game so i did and after i completed it i just edicted to it and never could stop playing it! and never looked backed since the day i loved her. my fav moment is from legend when Lara says ''Never Arrive A Party Empty Handed'' great qoute loved that qoute since i played that game , and i would like a mens one please , and it's me @RazTRFan1 rom twitter :D