6 June 2011

IndyCroft is holding a truly awesome competition for Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones fans. If you're interested in music, you're creative, or you want to try something new, then this is for you guys! Plus there are amazing prizes to be won!

Competition Details:
The challenge is to create a piece of music which is inspired by Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones or both. You can create a lyrical tribute (lyrics must be sent with the entry), a fan interpretation of the themes, or your own original tribute. They should be in MP3 or WMA format before entering and should last between 2-5 minutes. One entry per person.

Click the banner to be taken to IndyCroft's competition page

1st Prize: Either Indiana Jones "Raider of the Lost Ark" 12" Figure from Slideshow Collectibles OR The Art of Tomb Raider book. 
2nd Prize: Indiana Jones Omnibus Vol.1 OR Tomb Raider Tankoban Vol 1
3rd Prize: Will have their choice of a Indiana Jones OR Tomb Raider novel. 

Clint Bajakian (Video Game Composer, who worked on the music for several of the Indiana Jones games)
Marcus Trogen (Tomb Raider Fan and Composer)
Anna Meredith (Composer) 
L.E Croft (Owner of IndyCroft and fanfiction author)
Ostercy (Owner of Ostercy's TR Fables and fanfiction author)
Stella Lune (Owner of Stella's Tomb Raider walkthroughs and Brick Raider)
Marcus Broody (Raider's Realm Mod)
Scorn (Indiana Jones Fan)
And Me 

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