20 November 2010

20th November 2010

If you have read the Guns and Grapple Magazine November Issue or follow the site on twitter then chances are that you've heard about Desert Bus for Hope 4. The event is held by an online comedy group called Loading Ready Run which you may have seen if you visit the Escapist Magazine, they are behind the Unskippable, ENN, Daily Drop, Loading Ready Run, Commodore Hustle videos and they also the Whatever Thing, Man Cooking, Phailhaus and Iron Stomach Challenge series on their main site. The group plays a seriously boring game called Desert Bus while fans donate to Child's Play. The event lasts for several days, the number of days depend on how much much is donated. Although the game is boring the event is far from it, the group not only interact with the fans all the way during the event, but they run giveaway competitions, impressive auctions, they accept challenges which vary from dances to songs and comedy sketches.

Child's Play is a charity which gives hospitals money who care for children who spend a large proportion of their lives in hospitals, and the money raised goes to buying consoles and games so children can escape life for a few hours. 

It's awesome, so make sure to check it out! So far they're nearing $18,000!

CLICK HERE for the Desert Bus site.
CLICK HERE for the Loading Ready Run site


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