2 January 2011

This is less "an article" more of a trip down memory lane, and why not? since we're going to be celebrating 15 years of Tomb Raider later this year.

One of the levels that I always think of whenever Tomb Raider One is mentioned is the T-Rex moment, and for many others it is the same. There's something about that section of the game which is so memorable. It could be that the creature was the first thing in the game which was an actual threat to the protagonist, it could also be that the T-Rex was sudden and unexpected, for me it was all of that plus one more thing. Once the T-Rex is killed and the player can explore the area, one of my favourite music pieces from the game begins.

The series started off with one of the most iconic songs for gaming. The tune was simple but at the same time beautiful. Over the years the iconic start to the song has been kept, and although in Crystal's versions the tune might not be as obvious compared to the original games, they're still there. 

Music by Nathan McCree. Also check out his website HERE

Music by London Symphony Orchestra

Music by Troels Brun Forman

Music by Troels Brun Forman

Recently in the Game Informer podcast, we had a little teaser to some of the brilliant music that we can expect in the upcoming game. And I'm sure we can all agree it's so amazingly creepy. From the screenshots of the game we have already seen it has certainly captured the atmosphere. And if you haven't heard it already check out the video below!

Added by H4RR7JH

It's not the main theme but it is a piece of music from the game. There was a perfect theory about where this music should be by a fan who said that at the start they could imagine that Lara is dipping in and out of consciousness for every beat. I rather like that theory because it does fit with the music. I also think it might be the start where Lara is unconscious and the camera could pan out and look around the room and for every beat the camera jumps to a different part of the room. As of yet none of us know when the music will appear.

The movies was also improved by the brilliant music. One of my personal favourites is at the end of The Cradle Of Life. I really love how it starts, because it's so quiet that it could be used as normal background music, but as it goes on it builds up into a big piece. It's very well done! It also fits the scene really well.

Music by Alan Silvestri. There's a review of his work at the BBC site, HERE

Some of you may have heard of Video Game Live, it's a tour that travels around the world. They play the theme songs from some of the greatest video games, from Halo to Megaman snd Zelda to Final Fantasy with a full live orchestra. They also play songs from Tomb Raider. Below is a recording of the Tomb Raider section from Video Game Live in London back in 2006 by madmax01992


So if you want to hear the theme played live you should check out the site by CLICKING HERE. Since I know that majority of the visitors to this site live in the UK, there isn't a date confirmed yet but there will be on in London later this year. There's quite a few in America and Canada though.

A cartoon image of the Tomb Raider section at the Video Game Live. On the VGL site.



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