4 December 2010

4th December 2010

Welcome back to day four of Guns and Grapple's Advent Calender, I hope you have been enjoying it. Today is a project I did a while back where I recreated Lara's journal seen in the opening cutscene from Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. As so for the calender I created a step by step guide of how you can also recreate it and images of the book that I had made.

Click the Read More button to see the steps and the images.

You will need:
  • Black or Brown Thick Hardback Book
  • Gold Permanent Pen
  • Pencil

    1. First of all you will need a book that looks like Lara's journal from the game. So you're looking for a black or brown (depending on your preference) hardback book that has quite a lot of pages. I got mine from a stationary shop but you can also look through sites like Amazon since they have several similar journals. The only problem you may face is finding one that has blank pages, if you're going to create a similar journal you need the pages to be blank so you can draw inside. I didn't do it for my book but if you can only find a black book and you wanted it to be brown you can easily use a brown acrylic paint, but you must make sure that the paint won't peel off the book easily.

    2. Now that you have a hardback book it's time to decorate the front. Now you don't want to jump right in there with the gold pen (especially if it's permanent) so what I highly recommend is drawing everything in pencil first, this way if you make a mistake you can easily rub it out and start that part again. Use the video above as a reference.

    3. So now that you have the front of the book drawn in using pencil now is the time to apply the gold pen. Now it's worth getting a permanent pen since it's going to be more durable, however this also means that you need to be more precise, so follow the pencil exactly.

    4. So once you're finished with the front cover leave it a while for the pen to dry. I used a paint marker so if you are doing the same you really don't want to get excited and begin drawing inside the book just yet. There's nothing worse than putting all the effort and attention into drawing it and then accidentally smudging it.

    5. Right, so the front cover is done, the ink/paint has dried and you're ready to draw. Now this is the really hard part, because there is very little guidance I can give here. What I did was I had the page I was drawing on the computer screen while I was drawing it. I would recommend roughly outlining where the images are going to be and how much space they are going to take up and then write the text around them.

    6. Then draw in the images with more detail, don't do something I did and immediately rub out anything that goes wrong, slowly build up your images and keep looking back at the original, remember to use the video as guidance.

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