8 December 2010

So a few days ago I started writing this poem based on "T'was The Night Before Christmas" just my version has an Eidos twist since recently I have finished Mini Ninjas and have been getting rather addicted to Hitman Blood Money (currently on "The House of Cards").

I hope you enjoy it :)

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T'was the night before Christmas and here at Croft Manor
The foyer was decked with a huge Christmas Banner
The butler was tucked in the freezer with care
with no memory at all of how long he's been there.

Mini Ninjas were nestled asleep in their beds
With tinsel bandanna neatly tied around their heads
And pretty wrapped presents placed in their hats
As they dreamed of their enemies becoming sweet cats.

And Agent47 was taking a seasonal rest.
No longer wearing his bulletproof vest.
Scanning the garden in true Hitman style.
Watching the snow as he tried not to smile

And Batman was there to visit old friends
and chatted with Lara over a roast coffee blend.
And on his utility belt he carried Christmas gifts
Hidden by a cape which he does love to swift.

And what of the criminals at this point in time
Running late as they try to flee from their crime
Two hot cups of tea was waiting for them
After Kane and Lynch raid a nearby ATM

And for Rico who just couldn’t stay
He left on an “acquired” red and gold sleigh
jumping from the top of the porch and then to the wall.
His arms outstretched as he tried not to fall.

And later that night before they all went to sleep
Kane called from his phone as Lynch shot from his Jeep
The pair had to leave and cross over the boarder
In search for a “friend” failing their orders.

And then by the door the sound of horse hooves
Everyone was scared, they dared not to move.
As everyone knew what made that sound
The Pony riends decided to pop around

They turned off the light and crouched on the ground
And tried very hard to not make a sound
And within a few minutes, they all disappeared.
And the lights were back on and everyone cheered.

But they weren’t being mean, just trying to avoid
Refusing them entry and getting them annoyed
Since no animals were allowed inside
The rule was Winston's and on that Lara did abide.

So they went to their beds and slept through the night
Except Winston, but at least he had a light
He was released in the morning and put straight to work.
But distracted by 47 who decided to work

And then it was time to open the gifts
And all Winston got was a green plastic sift
But Lara had obtained a new favourite gun
And tested by shooting some cans just for fun.

And the Hitman who said not a word
was happy with a new cage for his bird
It was then that the doorbell began to ring
And through the front door someone tried to get in.

Lara walked to the door, and opened it wide.
And a figure that Lara knew well stepped inside.
Nathan Drake had to stay, the snow made that clear
Merry Christmas Readers! And a happy new year!


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