30 October 2010

30th October 2010

Today is the second anniversary of Guns and Grapple. It seems strange that it is, considering it doesn't seem that long ago that I was planning which website host it would have. The past two years has been absolutely fantastic, and I really don't see this site closing down soon. Everyone that I've met has been awesome and really positive to the site and I thank all the TR fans that have helped me make the site become better and better and to all the visitors for coming to the site. The past two years has been epic and I look forward to many great years to come :)

As a thanks, I decided to bring back the magazine/newsletter. It was in the original plan for the site but I didn't manage to make it when the site finally went up. In the magazine I'm hoping to get a guest to be writing for each issue, as well as some really cool material. I'm not sure how often it will be sent out, my timetable this year is ridiculous but I am hoping to do it often :) To subscribe to the magazine CLICK HERE.

I would want to thank some people who has helped me the past year. (Alphabetically)
Crystal Dynamics and Eidos (Of course), Jana (Tomb Raider Girl), Katie Fleming, Keir, Lauren Stamp, Ostercy, Sam, Stella Lune, Tisa, and my family (they've put up a decade of listening to me talk about TR)

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  1. Hurrah! Happy Anniversary. This is one of the only TR sites that manages to cater to (and unite) all of the far-flung sections of the TR fanship. Congrats and roll on another 2 years.