29 August 2009

If you have been following the Tomb Raider news over the past few months that you would had known that there is a brand new film currently being made. It has also been officially announced that Angelina Jolie who has starred in both films as the leading lady will not carry on her role. This article will be looking at; Is it a good choice to change the actress?

Let  me give you a bit of back-story about the films. In 2001 Paramount Pictures released the first Tomb Raider Movie starring Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. It most successful video game adaptation to date, grossing $300,000,000 worldwide. The success led to another Tomb Raider film later called The Cradle of Life with was released in 2003. At the same time Core Design (company in charge of the Tomb Raider copyright at the time) released Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, which received lower scores for it's glitchy graphics and awkward control schemes. Reviews and sales started to fall even though the advertisement for the game was as well structured. The decrease in sales may be the reason why the second film was less popular then the first.

From studying the behind the scenes clips, found on the box set additions and YouTube, it is clear that the actress is dedicated to her role. Prior to filming Jolie had to undergo training in firearms, gymnastics, and hand to hand combat. During this time she was also on a strict diet. In the second film she wanted to learn more skills, in most of her stunt scenes it is actually Angelina performing the stunts, for example the horse riding and the fight scene between Hillary and Lara in the second film. In my opinion I would expect that Angelina would be the actress that they would want as Lara, she is determined to do all the stunts she can do, she's always up for a challenge and she has the same amount of stamina and determination as the character she is portraying.

Over the past few months there has been numerous rumors about the next actress, among the names are Megan Fox, Alison Carroll, Peyton List and many more. However there has been several interviews with Ian Livingstone announcing that Megan Fox will not be the next Lara Croft. It is possible that Alison Carroll (Lara Croft Model for Tomb Raider Underworld) might be the next Lara, however this is unlikely due to the location of the studios and however she has prove that she can act like Lara, so she isn't out of the picture yet. Peyton List has only been in guest parts and small shows at the moment, and since she has had no connection to the Tomb Raider series as of yet it is unlikely she will get the role however you never know. As of yet nothing official about who it will be has been announced as of yet.

Paramount has announced that the upcoming movie will be an origin story (like the upcoming game). Although I'm not completely sure that changing the actress is a good decision. There is a huge amount of Angelina fans that the film will lose and if they change it to an unknown actress I'm slightly worried they wouldn't be able to win back some of the audience because the actress wouldn't had been in enough shows. You defiantly have a win/lose situation on one side you'll attract more fans because of the new actress and origin story so it's different, whereas on the other side you have a famous actress who has announced that she wants to do the movie but has been turned down because she is "too old" for the role. I'm quite surprised that an actress like her is turned down because of age, if you look in photos and videos she looks fantastic and I have full confidence that if she was allowed to have kept the role she would have been able to pull it off.

So what do you think? I want to here your views on this!
Is it a good choice to change the actress?

One finally comment; I recommend Screamingangie1 YouTube Channel which has amazing videos on Angelina Jolie as well as behind the scenes of the TR films. I also recommend Angelina Jolie Web.

- Jaden


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