15 December 2008

Max is a dedicated Tomb Raider cosplayer. Not only does she use her handmade costume to portray Lara Croft but she chooses her environment for the backgrounds. Her stunning portrayal of the Tomb Raider is brilliant. She was also a featured cosplayer at tombraidercosplay.com which holds one of the largest collection of Lara Croft cosplay photos and videos. We interviewed her for the Theme of the Week (Tomb Raider Cosplay).

What does Lara Croft mean to you?

Lara is a fantastic character. She is strong, adventurous, intelligent and she does all the things by herself. I like her independence. Lara has a lot of qualities that I like but over all she has the greatest quality: she is virtual so I can interpret her as I want! It is really important for me that a part of me can exist when I interpret Lara.

Why did you choose cosplaying as a hobby?

I really like to cosplay because I like all the different outfits! But cosplaying is not only to wear an outfit but it means to interpret a character too. I like to try to find the perfect interpretation. 

What is your favourite Tomb Raider outfit and why?

I really like the underworld outfit because it is a technical outfit. I love the underworld bag because it is complex and it was a challenge to recreate it (I made 2 versions of it because the first was not good enough) but the anniversary is beautiful too. 

Do you make your own outfits, and if so how do you go about doing it?

In the beginning, I made a lot of customisation (I tried to find stuff close to what I needed and I made the modifications needed) but now I try to do all by myself. My bags, my belt buckles and my holsters are all made from scratch and I try to sew my clothing (for example, I recently made a new anniversary top, a new underworld top and a new  underworld short trousers)



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