15 December 2008

Luce is one of the most dedicated Tomb Raider cosplayers. Not only does she make all her outfits she also chooses the places for her photos depending on the level in the game, the atmosphere and colours of her outfits. She has travelled around Ireland, Kenya, UK and France collecting a series of stunning images. 

What does Lara Croft mean to you?

Lara is sort of a role model. She's everything a girl would like to be: beautiful, strong, independent, intelligent, the list goes on. What I really like about her is that she's not just a sexy woman with big guns: what appealed to me when I first played the games was her sharp mind and insatiable curiosity, which are some of the qualities I admire the most. Basically, Lara is a constant source of inspiration that gives me strength and confidence.

Why did you choose cosplaying as a hobby?

As a kid, I loved to dress up for Halloween parties: I had so much fun wearing crazy costumes and putting on makeup! So when I found out about cosplay, I was immediately hooked. Making costumes from scratch sounded like such a creative activity, and trying to be a believable embodiment of my favourite character(s) was a challenge I was willing to take up!
Cosplay is a combination of things I love: sewing, being creative, acting and even travelling! And I met many wonderful people thanks to that hobby.

What is your favourite Tomb Raider outfit and why?

To this day, my favourite outfit is Lara's Underworld standard outfit, mostly because the gear is realistic and suited to a tomb raider's needs! And I love the backpack's very unusual design. I also love the Anniversary standard outfit, for the classic Lara looks and colours!

Do you make your own outfits, and if so how do you go about doing it?

Yes, I make my own outfits. For the clothes, I often try to find a good base that I can alter (ex: brown pants can easily be transformed into a pair of shorts), but when it's not possible I simply buy some fabric and sew the costumes myself, using sewing patterns and my trusty sewing machine. The gun rigs and backpacks are usually made from scratch: I draw the patterns first, then I use leather, rivets, cardboard,  straps, etc. to assemble them.

How do you find time to do cosplay?

In my spare time, when I'm not studying or going out ;-) 2 to 4 hours of sewing a day, usually during week-ends and holidays. When I'm in no hurry, the making of a costume can sometimes be spread over months.

I would like to say a big thanks to Luce for the interview and photos. This was done only just before the Theme of the week (cosplay) and it was such a pleasure talking to her and she emailed back within a few hours, so Thanks for doing this Luce!


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