15 December 2008

TOPIC: TOMB RAIDER UNDERWORLD RUMOURS                   (February 8th 2008)

What do you want to see in the game?

I’m really concerned about seeing [in the storyline] Lara going to Avalon to find her mother. I know it’s going to be in Underworld after all of the reading I’ve done, but it’s my main concern at the moment. Legend left us at such a cliffhanger, I felt I was at world’s end [laughs]. Shifting gears to the gameplay, I read that Lara’s moves are being modeled after a real gymnast, so I’m interested in seeing all of the new moves she can do, especially the ability to shoot with one gun whilst climbing. I read that she’ll be able to do almost anything you want her to - so I’ll be swan diving off of a high point and grabbing onto a ledge like in the opening scene in Legend [laughs].

What charcaters do you want to see return?

I’m interested in seeing how Amanda Evert makes a return. No doubt she’ll find her own way into the Underworld. I remember having a chat with a friend about Lara meeting Amanda again, and I said “Guaranteed, if Amanda’s still the villain in the story, Lara won’t hesitate to stomp over to her and give her a good slap in the face”, [laughs]. I’m really interested in seeing the conflict between the two. Also, I’d like to learn of Amanda is related to Jacqueline Natla. It’s what my friends are saying, especially considering how they see a resemblance and the Natla Industries boxes in the final level of Legend. I’m also hoping Lara’s mother makes a return. I wouldn’t be surprised if Amelia gives Amanda a slap herself!

3. What rumours have you heard about Underworld?

I read some article on a Tomb Raider fansite describing (in much detail) a level in Underworld. Apart from that, I can’t say I’ve heard much rumours. I mean, we all know the facts courtesy to Eidos and gaming magazines. I suppose rumours will surface as the year goes on.

4. What do you think Avalon will look like, if Lara finds it.

I honestly haven’t a clue what Avalon would look like. Aside from what we’ve seen in past locations - like the King Arthur museum in Tomb Raider Legend; the further you went, the more mysterious it got. If we got levels like that in common places (a museum in England for example), and the Lost Valley, where we saw the existence of dinosaurs in 1997, who knows what we’ll see for Avalon in modern day 2008? It’s quite interesting to think about, but it sort of hurts one’s head if you dive too deep into oblivion [laughs].


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